Good Girl Turned Bad Girl: Sex Tricks


Discover the hidden vixen waiting to come out and play with these five secret tips every bad girl uses!

Have you ever secretly wished you were a bad girl in disguise? Most guy’s secret fantasy is knowing that while their woman is respectable, they can also get down and dirty in the bedroom. Not sure how to release the vixen within? It’s not as difficult as you may think! You don’t need tons of sexual experience, leather get-ups (although they don’t hurt!) or a demanding attitude. What you do need is a willingness to explore being more confident in your sexual life. To help you out, we’ve compiled the best Bad Girl Tricks that will turn you into a bedroom vixen almost overnight. Your partner won’t know what hit him, but he sure won’t be complaining!

Bad Girl Trick #1: Act Like The Only Thing You Want To Be Doing At That Moment Is Pleasing Him
Nothing, and I do mean nothing, turns on a partner like knowing you are completely into them and what you’re doing. It’s an instant aphrodisiac and a huge confidence builder for your partner. As your level of excitement increases, so does your partner’s, making it a win-win situation for both of you.

Bad Girl Trick #2: Be Open To Trying New Things
Bad girls get their reputation by being willing to take things further than your average girl. You don’t have to go too much out of your comfort zone, but being open to new experiences will go a long way towards a fulfilling sexual relationship. Set the stage for your bad girl self with a fun game of truth or dare with your partner.

Bad Girl Trick #3: Always Keep The Illusion That They’ll Never Know What’s Coming Next
Surprise and suspense are the ultimate tempters. When they’re not sure what to expect, you’ll always have them coming back for more. The best part of this trick is that it’s easier than you think to achieve. You can change things up just by switching rooms, time of day, positions, types of foreplay, sexy notes, etc.  Start with your everyday routine and challenge yourself to find one thing you can add or change to make it feel new and different. It may be as simple as answering the door with nothing on or leaving a sexy voice mail or text.

Bad Girl Trick #4: Create A Bad Girl Tool Box of Toys

Bad girls always have some new trick up their sleeves, and you should be no different! Stake our your favorite toy shop and find some new aids that will help enhance your sexual experiences. Some of our favorites include:

Bad Girl Trick #5: Knowledge Is Power
Knowledge is the secret to being confident. Nothing is sexier in a woman than sexual confidence. Keep yourself in the loop by reading books and tips that will increase your pool of sexual knowledge. You can get more creative ideas for bedroom scenarios with sexual stories or movies. You may even want to invest in sexual how-to DVDs.

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