Be The Gift That Keeps On Giving!

Shelli Bartram

Ambiance, The Store For Lovers is the go-to place for the best gifts to give your lover around the Holidays and all year round. Of course, the best gift you can give them anytime is a steamy sex session! Since great sex doesn’t always happen automatically, it never hurts to have some enhancements such as sexy lingerie to seduce each other, or romantic technology to maximize your sensations.  Male-enhancement products are  growing in popularity by leaps and bounds.  In fact, we’ve had trouble keeping our most popular pills in stock.  So we threw caution to the wind and placed the biggest male enhancement order in our history.  That order of our has arrived!  We now have a huge supply of our most popular supplements, RSe7en, Diamond Extreme 2000 and Dragon 2000 in stock!

Guys want to give their partners their best overall performance in bed.  Herbal male enhancement pills help them achieve that goal.  And they can be used without the embarrassment (or price tag!) of obtaining a prescription.  Let’s be honest: what man wouldn’t benefit from enhanced arousal, greater stamina and rock hard erections?!

Herbal supplements provide a lot of the same benefits of a prescription and, a lot of times, not some of the unwanted side effects. We always recommend that you do see a Doctor before starting any supplement just to make sure you are in optimal health.  So, let’s talk about those benefits!  Formulated with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and herbs to enhance your sex life and support your overall health!

These pills naturally increase blood flow to the area, increased blood flow means greater sensitivity and increased pleasure. It may also mean increased penis size! Wink, wink! With increased stamina you can enjoy all of that added sensitivity without any worry of your fun ending “prematurely”!   Your overall sexual desire will increase.  That will give you more confidence and higher self esteem.  Nothing is sexier to the opposite sex than a confident lover!  When you do eventually orgasm, it will be…  Intense to say the least!

It’s quite common to take one pill about an hour before results are desired. Often, results can last up to 24 hours or longer but, every body is unique and, not all supplements are created equal so, be sure to read the directions before using and use in moderation until you know how you are going to be effected.

Now that we’ve got the pills, stop in and get ready to get giving!


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