Erotic Spanking


Spanking is a highly erotic sexual act, enjoyed by both sexes. Generally women tend to be the submissive partners in paddling scenarios, while men play the dominant roles, although switching those positions once in a while can be quite liberating for both partners.

SpankingAnticipating Painful Pleasure

Make a date for your spanking to ramp up the anticipation. If your girlfriend knows that she’s coming home to a hard paddling tonight, she’ll be thinking about it throughout the day. As the man in the spanking equation, you’ll have the very pleasurable knowledge that in just a few hours, her highly attractive rump will be reddened and squirming frantically on your lap, with your own arousal getting harder to control.

Alternate Pain and Pleasure

Warm up her ass slowly for what’s coming by starting off with cheek rubs, squeezes and soft slaps and strokes, while she’s fully clothed. As you strip her down first to panties and then to a completely naked bottom, your smacks should become increasingly harder and more frequent, whether you’re using just your hand, or alternating with a paddle, ruler, belt or whip. Make sure to allow for long pauses between some spanks to let her experience the stinging warmth and also to have time to slip back into a state of fearful anticipation as to when and where on her ass the next hit will take place.

Added Sensations

During the spanking session, use your wife’s vulnerable bent over position to test her response. Slip your fingers between her legs to check her level of wetness, and perhaps encourage her by playing with her clitoris. Add a new sensation by inserting a lubricated butt plug into her ass, so that every smarting slap reverberates deep into her body. With an anal dilator plugged in, you can expand her sexual horizons even more.

Role Play Spanking

Sexual spankings are often associated with men in positions of authority forced to dole out punishment to girls for bad behavior. One of the favorite fantasy costumes that women wear for being spanked is the classic schoolgirl outfit, complete with very short, plaid skirt. Of course, you don’t need an actual costume to participate in a sexually-charged spanking: like Maggie Gyllenhaal showed in the movie Secretary, being bent over a desk and spanked (hard) in buttoned-up business attire consisting of a simple blouse and tight skirt is sexy in the extreme.

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