Get ready, get set, get off!

Shelli Bartram

It has come to our attention that a study in the journal of sexual medicine found that women only orgasm 63% of the time with a familiar partner, compared with 85% of men. We’re not sure about people with unfamiliar partners but, either way, we want EVERYONE to shoot for 100 percent satisfaction EVERY TIME! Follow the tips below to help increase your odds!


If it’s just not that easy for you to get off in general, become comfortable with yourself first!  Once it’s easy for you to get in the “swing of things” on your own, we promise it will be easier with a partner.  Masturbation not only feels good it teaches you the exact technique(s) needed to get you there whether your getting there solo or not.  The great thing about masturbation is how little you need to make the most of it.  The one thing that you should consider almost essential is…lube!  It’s amazing how much easier and better you will climax with a little bit of lube.


It is a fact that many women require clitoral stimulation to get off. So, this is definitely something you’ll want to incorporate into your next sex session. Oral sex before intercourse is always a good start but, you can also introduce toys or other “Sexual Enhancements”  including prostate play for the guys.


By varying your breathing from slow and deep to short and shallow, you can literally intensify sexual arousal hence improving your chances of achieving that mind blowing orgasm you strive for.


Your partner cannot read your mind.  Body language and moans are great but, don’t be afraid to speak up about what you like.  Not only is it positive reinforcement that everyone loves to receive but, once your lover is certain you love “that thing” they do, they will continue to do it in the future.


A lot of people have at least one “no fail” position they can resort to when they need to make it over the edge. For a lot of women, this will probably be “Cowgirl” but, not necessarily. Experiment and have fun! Try them all to discover the ones that give you the best orgasms.  You’ll probably find several faves!


Don’t let negative thoughts distract you from your passionate quest for nirvana.  Your partner is attracted to you or you wouldn’t be doing what you’re doing right now! And, absolutely leave thoughts of work at work and all of the other concerns of daily living where they belong – OUT OF THE BEDROOM!


The more fit you are the more you’ll enjoy “burning some love carbs”.  But, don’t neglect the center of your sexual pleasure.  Kegel exercises strengthen the pelvic floor in women creating a “tighter grip” which will lead to increased pleasure for him and quicker, stronger orgasms for her.

A lot of you will have some extra time on your hands now that it’s Back to School season… Spend it wisely, getting to know all of the right pleasure buttons to push! The Store for Lovers is always here to help with all of the little things you and your partner can use to create hot and heavy passion whenever and wherever your heart desires!


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