Oral Sex Basics (for Him)

Shelli Bartram

Oral sex is one of the most desired acts couples engage in.  But, it doesn’t come naturally to everyone.  Giver or taker.  Did you know that there are actually a percentage of women uncomfortable with even the thought of your mouth on their muffin?!  We wonder if that could possibly be due to some not so great oral sex experiences in the past.  Or, maybe even hesitation of performing from past lover’s.

To help you become the best lover you can be, we have compiled some tips for you dudes that have chicks that get a little little nervous when you want to take a trip down south.

Get comfortable.  

If she knows you want to enjoy her, she will instantly become more relaxed.  The term “acquired taste” was originally coined for exactly this instance…  Not really but, it sounded good!  Sorry.  Anyway, if you have any hangups, leave those at the door before you get down to business. If she knows that you want to enjoy her,  she will instantly become more relaxed. 

There are a vast amount of oral sex products on the market today that will make the experience more enjoyable for both of you in a romantic way.  If you’re hesitant about the taste of them having tried flavored lubes of yesteryear, fear not!  The flavored lubes have improved so much that they actually are quite scrumptious even on their own! Here is another great one that will also increase her  sensitivity, making it easier for her to reach a more intense climax.

Less is more.  

Women can take some expertly executed coaxing to make it to the big O.  A good thing to repeat to yourself when going “diving’” would be, slow and steady wins the race! You are essentially sensuously making out with those lady bits.  She may like it rough when your weapon of choice is your penis but, your mouth is a different story.  Get her in a position that allows her to be comfortable, allows not only comfort for you and, complete access to your “working area”.  Liberator’s can make this very easy and here is one that’s just the right size to help you get the job done (in a pinch, try placing a pillow beneath her hips). 

Ready?!  Set?!  DO NOT zero in on the clitoris!  Pay attention to it all.  Think light, playful circular and up and down motions.  Some men find making the shapes of the alphabet with their tongue helpful in aiding concentration.  You’re welcome.  When you feel her getting ready to go over the edge, try inserting a finger (or small toy) and massaging just an inch or two inside with a come-hither motion towards the front of her vagina.  Increasing the pressure of your licking as she closes in on her orgasm is good.  Diving in and starting out full force is bad.  I also would not advise sucking on the little man in the boat.  It may be called “the female equivalent to the penis” but, it is about a billion times more sensitive than the head of a penis!

Mind your manners.

You did an awesome job!  Now don’t ruin it by sprinting to the bathroom to gargle with mouthwash or immediately downing any non-hazardous liquid that is within reaching distance!  A lady could understand your need to re-hydrate yourself,  just as a runner might do after winning a race, with a sip of water.  A sip.  If it is near anyway and you don’t appear to be reenacting the beer chugging contests of your youth.  

Most ladies would welcome a deep, passionate kiss after making her Grand Finale.  Kissing each inner thigh and then below the belly button first is a cleverly disguised trick to use if you absolutely must dilute some of the taste (or extra fluid)  right away.  Maybe you can wait until after that to take your sip of water? That would be Gentlemanly.



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