Public Relations

Shelli Bartram

Spring is finally here! Now matter where you are, it’s most likely getting a little bit warmer outside and your libido may be rising right along with the temperatures. Why not take advantage of your friskiness and enjoy sex in the great outdoors?

Now, we’re not suggesting you do anything that we wouldn’t do… You must keep your privates… Private! You want to spice things up, not end up at the local jail for public indecency!   Here are some ways to enjoy the weather and get some action without “getting caught red handed”!

Pitch a tent  

You can plan an intimate camping trip or simply set up shop in the privacy of your own backyard.  They sell small, one person tents that offer just enough room for you and your lover to get down and dirty.  Marshmallows are optional!

Park it 

If you know of a very desolate place where there is no danger of getting caught, take a midnight drive to watch the stars and when that gets boring, turn up the heat with some hot and steamy automobile action!  Just remember to crack the windows to let some of that steam escape!

If you are worried about “performance anxiety”, you can always fold a towel or jacket in the crack of each window to create “privacy curtains”.  Or, simply stay in your garage.  It’ll feel just as adventurous!

Get a breath of fresh air

Some of you may have a semi-private balcony that, if you position yourself just right, no one will be able to see you but, you’ll still get to enjoy that totally “exposed” feeling!

Fire drill

As a rule people don’t hang around an apartment building’s fire exit.  If you are lucky enough to have one that isn’t really visible, take advantage of it and start your own “fire”!  Do it woman on top, straddling his lap so, you will have eye’s in both directions!  

Down to the floor

If all else fails and you would prefer to stay in doors, open a window and hold on to the windowsill during doggystyle so you both can enjoy the view of outside and the wind on your hot, sweaty bodies!

Put a yoga mat or air mattress beneath the window to make it comfortable if you’re in a kneeling position or if you’ve had enough of the view and just want to bring your sexy spring fling to a climax the old fashioned way!  


Before embarking on your adventure, it’s a good idea to have a couple of things on hand.  Try a pair of vibrating panties to have her ready to go in no time, or some travel sized lube to make it easier to get going quickly.  How about each of you popping a “passion pill” for her and him so you both can pre-game the main event!




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