Sexual Zodiac – Gemini

Shelli Bartram

Gemini (the twins) is the sign for those born between May 21st and June 20th. Intelligent conversation, spontaneity and an adventurous mind (especially when it relates to sex) is the way to keep this sign interested and coming back for more. The erogenous zone specific to this sign is the upper body. specifically,  the hands, arms and shoulders. Suck on his finger to send his mind soaring to whats next to come. Kiss her hand gently to let her know you cherish her and can’t keep your lips away from any part of her body.

Gemini The Male

Talking is just about his favorite thing to do. If you stimulate his mind, you will undoubtedly stimulate more. He has already experienced a lot and wants to continue to do so. He seeks out excitement and needs to be able to experiment and experience new things often.

Gemini the Female

There is definitely what seems to be more than one personality to keep up with here! The Gemini woman can go from innocent ingenue one day to full on dominatrix the next. She requires sex to stimulate all of her senses. It is not just an act to her, it is an experience. She is confident for she knows that she is desired by many.

Witty banter, an anything goes attitude and a less than serious outlook on life is what will keep the twins wheels turning in your direction. Encourage your Gemini to utilize different tantalizing personalities with role playing Sexy Role Play Costumes

Get into their big sexy brains with fun trivia games for couples.

Enable their ability and desire  to do two things at one time with our   Sex In The Shower products

The possibilities are endless with a Gemini lover and Ambiance will always have just what you need to keep things interesting!

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