Sexual Zodiac – Leo

Shelli Bartram

Leo (the lion) is the sign for those born between July 23rd and August 22nd. Making your lion purr with delight is easy, all you have to do is satisfy their ego. Give them praise and adoration and, they will reward you with some of the most memorable sex you’ve ever had!

Leo’s are dominant by nature, confident  and love to be the center of attention. Our sincere apologies but, if you can’t take the back seat and let Leo take the reigns, It’s best to move on to one of the more “subtle” signs of the zodiac.

Leo The Male

This strong willed fellow is a little hard to tie down. He feels he would be the King of any bedroom and if a woman doesn’t show him he is the King of hers, he will move on to someone that clearly appreciates his every touch, kiss and thrust. Being a cat however, he needs to feel somewhat of a “chase”, or at least, a “tease” to hold his interest. You must never let him wonder if you’d ever even dream of another mans affection, unless you want to turn your house cat into a stray cat. Try using carefully placed mirrors in your bedroom to give him that feeling of being “on”. He will perform his best that way. After the show, give him the applause he requires by caressing his… Psyche!

Leo the Female

The lioness needs a mate that can leave the decision making up to her but, can later show her who’s boss in the bedroom! Not too much now,  just enough to show her you can “handle” her. Your strength turns her on, not being controlled. She may decide she wants to assert her dominance and pounce on you. Restrain her loosely so that she can break free and continue her sexy game of cat and mouse. Remember this woman is not afraid of telling you what she wants. Take control but, follow her lead!

If a Leo feels you have put him or her on the pedestal they deserve, they will do their best to stay there. It isn’t just about the the thrill of the chase for them, it’s the gratification of the catch too.

Show your ferocious feline they are the the center of your universe by creating a special night just for them. Start with an aphrodisiac infused dinner for two. When your ready for dessert, these sexy restraints are easy for them release from. But, while they are in them, let them watch you decorate all of the places on their body that you are going to taste. All the attention you gave them will drive your plaything into giving you their own form of “cat scratch fever”.

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