Sexual Zodiac – Pisces

Shelli Bartram

Pisces (The fish) is the Zodiac sign for those born between February 20th and March 20th. Romance is the center of the universe for any Pisces.  They live to love and love to please.  Guided by powerful intuition and sensitivity, a Pisces lover will figure out what you want, how you want it, and then deliver it as often as possible!  Many people actually find it difficult to keep up with Pisces sexuality in the long run; they can keep going and going and going long after the Energizer Bunny would give up!  Although somewhat sexually submissive by nature, their love of role play  (at which it they are very talented) and chameleon like adaptability means that sexually, Pisces can be anything you want them to be. The part of the body ruled by Pisces is the feet and as their zodiac symbol suggests they are happiest in and around water (doesn’t matter if it’s “dirty” or not!)

Daydreamers by nature, It can be extremely hard for them to find a real life romantic relationship that fulfills their lofty ideals. Although they tend to fall in love very easily, disillusionment can sneak up just as fast, tearing their dreams to shreds once the harsh reality of real life sets in.  Connecting with them sexually on an emotional level brings unimaginable rewards. If you can match a Pisces in the giving category, you will be amazed by the results.  Pisces will use their limitless imagination to please you, and if those efforts are reciprocated there is no telling where you two will end up.

Pisces The Male

When a Pisces man discovers you are happy, he strives to keep you that way.  If he senses you are sad, he will do whatever it takes to put a smile back on your face.  Sex with a Pisces man is usually a spiritual adventure as well as a sensual delight!  This sign pairs best with a partner that is comfortable with their body and trying new things.  Pisces is not a shy sign, and while he may not dismiss someone as a romantic partner if she happens to be shy, if it remains, it can cause problems in the future.  You should be able to let all inhibitions go around your Pisces man to prove that you enjoy him so much, you haven’t a care in the world!

Pisces the Female

When it comes to the act of sex, she will do her absolute best to please her partner and try almost anything and everything new.  She is the type of woman who orgasms quite easily because of how much she loves sex and the emotional connection she equates with it.  She has a strong desire to keep her relationship growing deeper and, if means using sexual acts to achieve this, that’s just what she’ll do!  When she falls in love she protects herself by hiding her feelings until she feels it’s safe to share. Don’t bruise her feelings once she finally shares them with you because it is doubtful she will ever trust you with them again.


Piceans are thoughtful, devoted lovers.  Your pleasure is what brings them satisfaction in the bedroom.  Both sexes are (emotionally) sensitive to a fault but, they are worth your every effort in the long run.  Their sensuality is intoxicating and their carefree (and at times, daring!) personalities are just what the doctor ordered if you’re looking for a “good time” with someone that can also give you a “Fairytaile” ending.


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