The Sexy Side of School Supplies

Shelli Bartram

Whether you’re going back to school or it’s your first year of going off to college, you have to start thinking about books, decorating your space and being more responsible. You don’t have much time, space or privacy so, when you do get a moment of “alone time” , take advantage of it! The following selection of “adult accessories” are portable, stash-away-able and wont break the bank.

  • Lubricants are essential to “solo play”.  A good lubricant will allow you to get things moving as quickly as possible when time is of the essence! Even if you don’t need it, using a lube will add a new dimension and intensity to your pleasure play!
  • Waterproof toys are “double duty” allowing you to sneak some “me time” into bath time while still being able to discreetly enjoy theose deeply satisfying sensations when taking a stress relieving break from studying for that next big exam!
  • The G-spot is the shortest distance between you and an orgasm so, every intelligent woman needs a toy that will “hit the spot” every time. A lot of these toy’s  are inexpensive, very small and quiet, yet pack a powerful punch with there ergonomically designed shape.
  • A Dual Penetrator is a beyond efficient way to “get there” as it will stimulate so much in so little time and offer a pay off that is definitely not for the un-adventurous!
  • For guys, the famous Fleshlight is available in different styles for every mood and sizes that easily fit in one hand for single handed “self love”. What could be a better stress reliever? Don’t forget some Renewing Powder  to keep your “Partner in Crime” as ready for action as you are!
  • The Tenga line features male masturbation toy’s that are always wet and ready with a reservoir pre-filled with lube; Designed for “one and done” play that you can simply throw away once you’ve had your fun! Some even let you have “twice the fun” with double ended designs offering two different sensations.
  • For boy’s that want to receive pleasure in a different way, Prostate Vibes  are a great way to access your P-spot. If you haven’t heard, the P-spot is unique to men and is the pleasure equivalent to the female’s G-spot. Go ahead and search for it, when you experience the sensation it provides, you’ll be so glad you “looked”!

By the way, when your using your intimate products in your intimate places, you really want to make sure everything is nice and clean.  And you also don’t want to run out of “juice” with crappy or weak batteries!  The Store for Lover’s has you covered with all of the accessories that you’ll need to compliment your sexy stash!

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