Theater Date Night?! Yes, Please!

Shelli Bartram

Cleveland has a lot to offer these days, You can dine, drink, catch a game or even gamble! An often overlooked activity is going to the Theater. It is an elegant way to enjoy a night out and Playhouse Square offers several different locations to choose from.

Since we are sponsoring “Sex with Strangers” a play about an older, obscure novelist named Olivia that “collides” with a younger, successful blogger named Ethan, we thought we should give you a little taste of what it’s about. You’ll enjoy the romance, laughs and passion of your Date Night at the theater and you’ll love Sex With Strangers at the Cleveland Playhouse as well.

From Sex With Strangers, the blog of Ethan Strange:

Okay, look—we all know I write blog posts about my crazy nights out, but today I’m feeling inspired. I met one of the coolest women out there, and man can she write! Let’s say her name is… nope, can’t think of anything good. We’ll call her O for short (she likes her privacy). She’s been writing killer stuff for ages!

Anyway, I digress. I’ve been wanting to take her out on a hot date, but I wasn’t sure what we could do. I was stumped. Until recently. Follow my logic here: O likes writing, so she likes words, so she must like people saying words, so she’s got to like theatre! I’ll take her to a show—it’s foolproof.

Until next time, Ethan Strange Thanks, Ethan! You definitely have peaked our interest...  

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