Turn Your Sweetest Day Into A Spicy Night!

Shelli Bartram

Do you want to give your man a Sweetest Day (or any day!) gift he will NEVER be able to forget?  Then, let him watch. Yes, men find watching a woman masturbate one of the sexiest sights ever to behold!  Your man will find nothing quite as hot as you giving him a real life porno scene, starring YOU!
First, you are going to need to feel good. You can’t be awkward or shy and come across as a sex goddess.  Take a bubble bath, sip some wine, warm yourself up a little… Whatever gets you in the mood.

Sexy lingerie is an essential here. He probably won’t care what you’re wearing at this point but, it will make you feel at your best!  Remember, the sexiest lingerie is the kind he doesn’t want you to take off.  Give him an added visual treat and try a pair of sheer or crotchless panties?

Once you’ve gotten your confidence up and really want to give him the experience of his life, give him a slow and sexy lap dance.  Refuse to let him touch you. Tie his hands behind his back if you don’t think he can be trusted! It’ll make you feel powerful, and he’ll be ridiculously turned on and powerless!

Take your time and enjoy touching yourself. Add some massage oil to make things ultra slick and sexy! Try to make it more than just a performance. No one knows how you like to be touched better than yourself and with all of the attention he’ll be paying, he might pick up a few tips.

Make it extra dirty and intensely arousing for him by using a vibrator or dildo on yourself.

If you want more of a shared experience, put his hand over yours so he can feel how you do it.  Have him touch your breasts or butt while you’re stroking between your legs or, let him release all that sexual tension you created by telling him to masturbate as well.

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