Workaholics’ Day – All Work and No Play?


July 5th is National Workaholics Day.  Most of us are eagerly anticipating the 4th of July holiday, with visions of hot dogs, fireworks and flags…lots of flags.

But not so many of us are aware that July 5th is National Workaholics Day (presumably, since July 5th is a Sunday, the holiday is to be observed on Monday – as if Mondays weren’t already bad enough!).

I seems almost counter intuitive to have a celebration day set aside for workaholics, since they probably won’t take the time to celebrate. However, we at Ambiance are determined to help.

So, in honor of National Workaholics day, we ‘d like to suggest 10 ways to encourage your workaholic to play.

  1. If your workaholic has a home office, you can lay across their desk in the nude. Be careful to move all computer monitors, letter openers, staplers and other sharp objects out of the way.
  2. If they work outside of the home, the workplace sex might be problematic – and would probably violate OSHA rules. Take it home.
  3. Have sex in work clothes. This is probably wiser than working in sex clothes, again, because of OSHA rules.
  4. If your significant other works in a restaurant, have sexing your kitchen using lots of condiments, as that will help them to feel like they’re at work. Just be careful with hot mustard or horseradish.
  5. If they work in a medical or dental office, they could come home to a naughty nurse or dirty doctor who needs to examine them for any number of physical issues (uh-oh! Looks like you may need a filling!)
  6. Have sex in the car. Pretend you’re commuting. Needless to say, if they normally take a bus or train to work, the “commute” scenario may not work.
  7. If they work in retail, hang a price tag on appropriate body parts.
  8. For airline employees, try it in the bathroom. Better yet, try it in in a half-bathroom where there’s only room for a sink and toilet.
  9. If your sweetie is a fitness instructor, count down out loud with each repetitive movement, and shout encouragement at the end of each set of reps.
  10. Finally, if nothing else works, wait until your spouse gets into bed on July 5th, and tell them “I have a job for you!”

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy (or Jill a dull girl). It’s all about fun. Step into an Ambiance store, where our Romance Consultants can help you find some great ways for you and your other to maximize fun – even if it does happen to be a work day.

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